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1. About us
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2. Using our Site
2.1. Our content is available to be viewed for personal and non-commercial use only. You are allowed to occasionally print pages on the site for private purposes or non-commercial use, provided that you don’t undertake substantial printing of the website and the removal of copyright and trademark symbols and notices which infringes our copyright and trademark.

2.2. We do not allow visitors to our website to copy, distribute, sell or store our content without our consent. We also strictly forbid the resale of content on this website without prior notice from us. If you need more information on how you can reprint or republish part of our content or the entire site then please contact us directly.

2.3. Video and audio files should only be played using the predefined and built-in media player on our website.
2.4. If you would like to recommend a story, feature or news item on our website to a friend or close acquaintance then the best way to go about that is to use our share feature or the URL can be directly emailed to your friend. If you are going to use the share feature then make sure that you have their consent.

2.5. Using our content for commercial purposes without prior permission is strictly forbidden.

3. Your comments – what we don’t allow

3.1. using the comments option is a great way to get your opinion across to others, however in order to prevent abuse we have the following terms:

(a) we don’t allow defamatory, threatening, malicious, false, offensive, misleading, abusive,  harassing, discriminatory, blasphemous or racist comments
(b) sexually explicit or indecent comments are not allowed.
(c) Trying to social engineer to gain private information is forbidden.

(d) Links to material and content which infringes upon trademarks and copyright is strictly forbidden. If you post links to downloads or other material you should own the copyright to them or have permission to post a link to them.
(e) You are not allowed to advertise any product and or services;
(g) You are not allowed to impersonate some else or misrpesent your true identity, status or affiliation.

3.2. You are not allowed to try and bypass the protections we have put in place for operational and security purposes.

3.3. spamming with comments is not allowed.

4. Termination or Suspending of your registration
4.1. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your registration as we see fit. There may be various instances in which we may suspend or terminate an account which include breach of these terms, a report of abuse.
4.2. In cases where accounts are suspended you are forbidden from trying to re-register using some else’s details without our permission. The period of the suspension handed out depends on what we decide and the severity of the offence.

5. Third party content and links available on this Site
5.1. We are aware that they may be third party links or content on this website for which we are not liable. This includes comments, advertisements etc.
5.2. In instances where links are provided to external sites these are just there for informational purposes only. Their intention is to act as an additional resource for more information but you need to access them at your own risk. We are not liable for this type of third party information.

If you come across a breach in the Terms stated on this page please feel free to report this abuse by contacting us directly.

6. Personal information
6.1. Your personal information will be used in accordance with your privacy policy which is part of these terms. Please ‘click here’ to read our Privacy Policy.

7. Our liability
7.1. The information on this website is for informational and entertainment purposes only. We don’t endorse the advice, criticism or comments as being factual or well researched. It’s your job to check the information on this site and use your own better judgment prior to doing anything. We express no warranties for anything in relation to content on the site.

8.2. We don’t hold any responsibility if you are unable to access this website for whatever reason. There may be numerous reasons which are out of our control such as an ISP outage or computer problems on your end.

8.3. Since this website relies on software there are always new bugs and issues which we may encounter. However we constantly monitor and eliminate bugs we still guarantee if any one individual feature or a whole set of features will function and be 100% error free.

10. Maintenance of the Site
10.1. In order to ensure that the site remains enjoyable and fresh we need to constantly monitor and fix bugs, and install updates. We always try to schedule maintenance during off peak hours.
10.2. We also may have the need to undertake emergency maintenance which may result in a suspension of service. However despite the fact that we can try to have the site live as soon as possible we reserve the right to do so when we are 100% satisfied and think it’s safe.

11. Validity of our Terms
11.1. If one or multiple parts of these Terms are later found to be somehow unlawful or probably unenforceable this will not affect its validity as far as other provisions of the terms are concerned.

12. Jurisdiction and applicable law
12.1. Our terms are strictly governed by the laws. The courts of our country has exclusive jurisdiction over disputes or other issues which may relate to the Terms stated on this page for this website.

13. Copyright Issues : We/our authors and users may post images, videos etc and if you are the owner of particular image/video then kindly contact is using the contact form.

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