DID L’ll Masters :Top Five!

The second season of Knorr Soupy Noodles DID L’ll Masters: Dance ke Baap powered by LR active, has seen sheer talent, with millions auditioning in several cities. The skimming process was way to difficult for the masters, Geeta Kapoor, Marzi Pestonji and Terence Lewis, but they finally leveled down on Top 16 contestants who were further given a stage to perform and showcase before all their super dancing talent and skills. The public voting process began soon for the Top 10 contestants and now the time has come to choose the biggest Dance Ka Baap.

Top 5 super kids are the ones that have made it to the finals this time, who will fight amongst themselves for the bgolden super wings , Grandmaster’s KB3 Cup and the tag of being super-talented and the ultimate Dance ka Baap.

The Top 5 Contestants are:

1. Faisal Khan

Hailing from “Prince Ki Paltan”, Faisal, the 13yr old kid from Mumbai, is smooth and an exceptional dancer. He has lived upto every dance form he was given, every choreography set for him. During the auditions, he danced remarkably well and very beautifully and won millions of hearts instantly. Master Geeta Kapoor was so impressed after seeing Faisal’s performance,that she gleefully announced to the world that if  she has a son, he should dance like Faisal. And even during the show , Master Marzi made the same remark after seeing his marvelous and scintillating performances. Faisal comes from  a very humble background, with his father driving auto-rickshaw through the streets of Mumbai. His consistent determination and unfailing dedication has fetched him a place  in the finals and is well deserved candidate for the winner tag.


2.Om Chetry

This 8 year old “chota packet bada dhamaka” of Kruti ke Crackers, is from Assam,and  besides being a “Dance ka Baap” is also the one eyeing on Jai Bhanushali’s anchoring role and hosting the whole show. His super-cute Hindi and quirky responses make him very adorable and is loved by all. He dances like he was always born to dance and awes every individual by his sheer talent. He is the most mischievous and throws challenges at all celebrities who have come on to the show, and always manages to win over most. He wins hearts very quickly and all ardently wait for watching what this “chotu” has in store for all.


3. Rohan Parkale

From “Raghav ke Rockstars”, Rohan,from Indore, is popularly called the Prince of Slowmotion, and also named his Skipper Raghav’s reflection, as he outdoes his master in terms of his moves. Rohan loves dancing from the core of his heart and credits his teachers and masters who have taught him how to dance. He is very humble, speaks less, but his moves speak for him. His style is exceptional and does whatever is given to him. Dreams of becoming a choreographer when he grows up, Rohan has made all proud.


4.Saumya Rai

One more from “Raghav ke Rockstars”, Saumya, is from Ranchi, and is called the “Japanani Gudiya” (Japanese Doll) by all. She is a tremendous dancer, she is the only girl who has made it to the finale this time. Quite a few times, during the show, she was the highest voted contestant. She is beautiful herself and also a beautiful dancer. Saumya had been praised throughout the show and is one of the strongest contender for the title.


5.Jeet Das

Wild card contestant, Jeet, from Kolkata is only 7 years of age, but is the biggest contender for the KB3 Cup. He is named the 8th wonder of the world, as he had by his glimmering and dazzling performances left all astounded and befuddled. Jeet does all styles exorbitantly well. He is also very mischievous and plays pranks on all, yet he is very adorable and charming. He has humongous amount of energy stored and is a powerhouse of talent.


All 5 are extraordinary and exceptionally well dancers and the fight for the title and the cup would be really fierce. The public has to decide who to vote for and choose as the biggest Dancing kid.

The Grand Finale is on 12th August, 2012, 7.30 pm onwards. So tune into Zee TV and witness the biggest battle for the winner of DID L’ll Masters: Dance Ke Baap, Season 2.


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