Dolly Bindra says someone issues her death threats

Mumbai: The loud mouthed actress of television and film, Dolly Bindra has said that she has been receiving the death threats. The worried Bindra landed on the Malad Police Station early in the morning on Saturday filing an FIR against the unknown caller at around 10 a.m. The reports reveal that non-cognizable case got registered at the police station by the police upon Bindra’s complaints.

The police department issued the statement that Dolly came to them on Saturday morning at around 10 a.m. and informed them that someone from an international number had been issuing her the death threats on the phone. She also mentioned that the person used abusive language. She mentioned to the cops that the caller did not demand any money just abused her and gave her death threats. She provided the cops with the number from which the calls had been made to her.

Police are now on way to investigate the matter. They are of the view that there is a valid possibility that someone is using an international SIM card and making the calls from here in Mumbai. Police are eyeing on all expected angles.

Dolly was the participant of the last season of Bigg Boss Season 4 where she used very harsh and abusive language to almost all the participants. Thus police are taking this matter too into the investigation if she has any kind of dispute with any of the contestant of the Bigg Boss house.

Well, recently the controversial actress Veena Malik too claimed that she got the death threats from Pakistan post her nude photoshoot for FHM India. And she even gave the statement of this kind last year as well when she did the Bigg Boss show and got hugely intimate with co-participant and her current beau actor Ashmit Patel.

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