Ganesh Hedge, judge on Dance Olympics


Mumbai: Dance, dance, dance! Who doesn’t love dancing? But how about when it comes to judging those who are trying hard to dance impeccably?

A new show is about to be aired on Star Plus. The reality show will be revolved around dancing, and apparently will be based on the famous international show “So you think you can dance”. The reality show is entitled “Dance Olympics”, and the producers are now in search for some hot, public attracting judges.

One of them has already signed for the show. We introduce the first sexy judge: Ganesh Hedge. The other two judges are still anonymous, but producers seem to making progresses and the show will begin to be aired soon.

A special judge on the show might just be Hrithik Roshan, the famous Bollywood actor. Nothing has been yet confirmed, but it hopes are that the other two judges will be Akkshat and Mukti Mohan, if all the negotiations go well.

We do look forward to see Ganesh on the show, as he is known for his perfectionist style.

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