Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Bedi stopped attending Bigg Boss finale

Mumbai: Seems Salman Khan has his mammoth influence on the show and he has power to do whatever he likes doing on Bigg Boss Seaon 5. Well, it was cleared when, as per the reports in the media, used his influence and big power to ask the channel to stop Pooja Bedi and Hrithik Roshan to attend the grand finale of Bigg Boss.

Pooja Bedi has constantly been accusing Mahek Chahal of being Salman Khan’s favorite girl and she has also been showing it off on almost all tweets of her. This irked the superstar (apparently).  Thus the result Pooja witnessed that she was stopped by the channel not to come to the grand finale though as per her contract, she is required to attend the finale.

Pooja tweeted about this saying what is this happening that she has to attend the finale as per her contract with the channel but the channel has strictly stopped her not to arrive on the finale. She said she wanted to attend to cheer her friends up (obviously Akashdeep, her seemingly new beau).

On the other hand, the channel also stopped the superstar Hrithik Roshan to attend the grand finale. Hrithik was the guest of the show invited by the channel but since the clash between the two – Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan has been coming up, Khan used his influence to stop his entry on the show.

Salman Khan has reportedly made bad comments on Roshan’s film ‘Guzarish’, post that the clash between the two emerged.


Personal clashes are at their own place, why they are dragged into the business? Weird! Not only Salman Khan does so but also all the biggest stars of the industry use their influence to doll up these kinds of things, which are really against the business of entertainment.

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