Imam thrown out of Bigg Boss house

Mumbai: It happened for the very first time in Bigg Boss’ history that the creative team of the show had to come inside the house to control a contestant. This is what happened that Imam threatened Bigg Boss to strip in front of the cameras, which is why the team had to come inside to stop him doing so. On the 43rd day of the show, Imam, who is an artist, image consultant, choreographer and language expert, literally crossed all lines and really gave the toughest time to the housemates – Aashka Goradia and Dinesh Lal Yadav. The trio was staying in a mud house constructed near to the main Bigg Boss house.

Well, the two – Aashka and Dinesh were already much irked with his behavior of talking endlessly, as he kept repeating a line time and time again saying he was here to play a game. Aashka then told him that he was simply overrating and she asked someone to give him medicine.

Imam then slipped into the confession room and gave the idea as if he was talking to Bigg Boss and he then hid Aashka’s stuff under his bed. When she tried complaining it to Big Boss, Imam came in between and stopped her to go inside the confession room. He then began howling and demanded an apology from her. Imam also told the Bigg Boss that he did not want to continue with the show anymore. Aashka eventually came out of her room and with an utter artificial expression said sorry to him.

But Imam was on way to repeatedly telling Bigg Boss that he did not want to stay here. But there was no response at all. He then threatened to strip in front of the cameras and then creative team came inside the house and threw him out of the house like Kamal Rashid Khan, Dolly Bindra and Pooja Misra were thrown out in previous seasons.

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