Juhi Pramar – the expectant winner of Bigg Boss Season 5

Since the Bigg Boss Season 5 is nearing to an end, there are speculations that Juhi Pramar might win the show since she seems to be the most powerful contestant of the show so far. And among the ones who are left behind after evictions (Shonali Nagrani got evicted yesterday), she is the one who looks more strapping than the rest of the lot.

Juhi Pramar, Siddharth Bhardwaj, Akshdeep Sehgal and Sunn Leone are the ones who are on the show now (as Andrew Symonds has left the show as per his contract). Pooja Misrra was not the contestant in her second term, as she was the translator for helping Symonds on the show.

Sunny Leone, though is liked much by the fans and being searched lot by the Indians, does not have much power to entice the viewers. But eye cannot be taken off the fact that anything can happen anytime.

Siddharth, who has won a reality show on MTV titled Splitsvilla, could be the tough contestant as well. He has also particupayted on other reality shows such as MTV Stripped, Gone in 60 Seconds and Roadies 8.0.

Amar Upadhayay has good fan following and has been the silent contestant throughout the show. Even Pooja Misrra had given him the title ‘Saas Bahu Ka Badshah’ (the king of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law matters).

Pooja Bedi, who got romantically linked with Sky on the show, has been fulfilling her duty being a true lover by tweeting her fans to vote for Akash but also says that Juhi Pramar may win the show.

Mahek Chahal has been tweeting to vote for Siddharth Bhardwaj to declare him the winner of the show.

There have been predictions by the Jotshis (pundits) about Juhi Pramar’s winning of Bigg Boss Season 5. Concluding all this, it appears that Juhi Pramar is the expectant winner of Bigg Boss Season 5.



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