NRI dulha for Veena Malik

Right from the first season,Imagine’s Swayamvar has brought in controversial names in the reality series.

Probably the only exception was last year, which had popular TV actress the petite Ratan Rajput scrutinizing her suitors. But the fourth season will be full of masala and drama, since the controversy queen, Pakistani actress Veena Malik has been roped in to find a suitable groom for herself on national Television.

This season will be aptly titled ‘Veena Ka Vivaah’. But the high point will not be the hot actress, instead it will be the contestants of the show. Rumor has it that,NRI’s and high profile men will be chosen to participate in the show. And unlike Ratan and Rakhi, Veena will definitely get married in the end, following Rahul Mahajan’s foot steps. However, given that many a political parties are trying hard to oppose Veena Swayamwar,we doubt the future of the series.


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