Pooja Misrra and Andrew Symonds left Bigg Boss, Andrew left for Australia

Pooja Misrra, who had come back to the house of Bigg Boss along with the Aussie cricketer Andrew Symonds, has now left Bigg Boss since Andrew left the show as per his contract that required him to stay at the house for few days.

Dale Bhagwagar, the celebrity publicist and the specialist of the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ confirmed the news of Misrra and Symonds leaving the house. Pooja had consulted Dale prior to stepping into the house and then before stepping into the house again along with Andrew Symonds.

On her second term in the house the controversies queen Pooja Misrra was a guest there. Misrra, who had been asked to leave the house by Bigg Boss when she physically hit the other contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj during a heated argument, was missed a lot by her fans and they wanted to see her back to fight for the title till the finale. But unfortunately it could not happen since her second term was conferred to her as a guest.

Dale reported that Pooja would reach her house by evening and the Aussie cricketer Andrew Symonds was at some undisclosed location in Mumbai area from where he would leave for Australia through the next available flight.

Pooja Missra was a true entertainer on the show and her stay at the house was the one would always be missed and remembered by her fans. Her trademark comment ‘Spare Me’ got huge popularity in the country and even across the borders that people started using it quite often in routine life.

Pooja is now eyeing on Bollywood and some sources revealed that she was offered some films, for which she would begin filming soon.

Andrew’ stay at the Bigg Boss house was pretty entertaining. His speaking Hindi in true English dialect attracted the viewers and it was really enjoyable seeing the famed Aussie cricketer speaking Hindi in utter amusing style.

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