Shah Rukh Khan to do Zor Ka Jhatka Season Two

Shah Rukh Khan hosted the show, ‘Zor Ka Jhatka’ last year on a TV channel. He had made the announcement of hosting this show prior to the airing and the man doll up. The channel then announced the season two of the show but Khan denied hosting this time around.

Khan described and openly admitted that he was not offered the season two thus how could he host the fiesta? He further mentioned that he did the first season of Zor Ka Jhatka since he was in need of money. He said that he told this to Sameer Nair, who was his friend and the owner of the channel. Sameer had this show in plan and he wanted Khan for twelve days in January last year. Since Shah Rukh was not required to fly or to go locations to locations and there was not any hassle involved, he said ‘yes’ and shot for the show.

Shah Rukh was in need of the money to make investment in his mega project, ‘Ra.One’, thus his need was met and he bagged the mammoth amount of Rs. 40 crores from the show as a fees.

When asked him if he was offered the second season, would he go for hosting the show? He responded, he was not certain but could not say anything in this regard as time was the best judge.

Last year, Khan had mentioned in an interview that he and Star Network were in meetings for another program. But there is no progress yet on the matter.

The upcoming year will make Shah Rukh Khan utterly busy with Yash Chopra’s film that he is going to direct after a long hiatus. This is a romantic flick which has Khan in the pivotal role. Shah Rukh did not deny doing the next season of Zor Ka Jhakta but said that he was not offered yet and if the offer hit his space, he might think over it.

It means, audiences and his fans can see him on the small screen.

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