Shraddha Says Sky Abusive Towards Girls in Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss 5 is riding high on the TRPs. The reason it seems is quite obvious, controversy, controvery and yet more controversy. The cat fights which go on inside the Bigg Boss house are indeed reason enough to leave the viewers glued to their television screens.  With Drama Queen Pooja Missra out of the picture model and acress Shraddha Sharma had grabbed eyeballs for quite some time now. Well only till she was eliminated from the house.

The most interesting stories from the Bigg Boss house come out not on your television screens but from the mouths of frustrated, evicted candidates. The latest has just come in from the mouth of Shraddha herself. The actress and model who is more known for being actor Raja Choudhary’s ex-girlfriend than her acting skills has disclosed some supposedly big news from inside the house.

Shradda after her eviction from the Bigg Boss house alleged fellow contestant Akashdeep Saigal (the one you perhaps know as Sky) of abusing the ladies of the house. Declaring herself to be a cool and calm person Shradda said she always tried her best to oppose Sky and his abusive nature.

“I am a very quiet person and like to stay away from arguments. But Sky provoked me. I just stood for myself against a person who abuses girls badly. My anger was reasonable. I was the only one from whom Sky kept a distance. He would not mess with me easily,” quoted Shraddha.

Sharaddha also made it a point to falsify Pooja Bedi’s claims that the audiences are made to see an edited version of the popular reality show. She confidently declared that nothing on the show is scripted or edited in any way.

The model also said that though she was the ninth contestant to be shown the way out of the Bigg Boss house she could have done with a few more days on the show.

“I don’t know what to feel. I think my eviction came way too soon than what I expected. I have mixed feeling. I am sad because I think I could have gone a long way in the show. But I am also happy that I am going home to my family and friends,” Shraddha said.

Shraddha also added that the moment Sunny, Sky and herself were nominated it was clear that the choice had to be between shy and her coz Sunny had been a few days on show and there was absolutely no chance of an eviction yet.

Shraddha claims that the politics inside the house was of the worst nature and not many could survive the games that Sky played around the house. Though she has been on other reality shows like Emotional Atyaachaar and Love Lockup she found the Bigg Boss house to be the hardest survival especially coz of the fact that nothing there is scripted.

Scripted or now here’s wishing Shraddha a ‘Spare me’ welcome from Pooja Missra in the outside world.

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