Veena Malik’s Swayamvar begins, she’s excited for Indian groom

The most controversial queen of the subcontinent (yes, she is as the controversies have been with her in both the countries – Pakistan and India), Veena Malik, who is currently wrapped up with the controversies of nude photoshoot published in international men’s magazine FHM India, is now all geared up with the upcoming season of Swayamvar Season Four on NDTV Imagine.

As per the latest reports, the channel has now officially made the announcement of the Swayamvar season four with the sex bomb Veena Malik despite the protests being raised in the country to drop her from the show and get her exit from the country.

On her part, the curvaceous actress is utterly excited about her show to find her prince charming there in India, the country she grew up loving in her life.

Imagine TV’s show ‘Swayamvar’ has been the much-watched show of the channel and even it grabs the huge TRP and beats all the shows on other channels whenever it starts airing. It first began rolling on the channel in 2009 with Rakhi Ka Swayamvar that was the first season of the show. It captured the huge viewership that the channel got coerced to continue with the show every year with altogether new season.

The channel authorities make it confirmed that the channel is quite delighted to bring Veena Malik on the show. In her recent interview in Mumbai after the nude photoshoot controversies being run all over the county and across the borders, she revealed that she was all set to participate in Swayamvar. She further said that she was desperately looking forward to seek her match to spend rest of her life with in India. Malik continued saying that she was quite hopeful to find a guy in India.

Veena uttered that she really received love in India and she was looking forward to go on board her new phase of life here.

Imagine TV’s show begins with the entries and in next step, the guys would be assembled under one roof to check their compatibility with Veena Malik.

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