What is brewing up between Salman Khan and Mahek Chahal?

Bigg Boss finale is over and the world is busy congratulating Juhi Parmar on winning the title and the prize money. But amidst all this, the rumors that something is going on between host Salman Khan and now ex inmate Mahek Chahal are getting stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Who can forget Salman lashing out at Siddharth for behaving rudely with Mahek? And then Mahek re-entering the house as wild card entry. And to top it all, a boyfriend appearing from nowhere and proposing to Mahek on the grand finale. Doesn’t all this point to one thing? There’s something going on between the Dabangg Khan and Mahek, though there are strong denials from both the sides.

Imagine Mahek making it to the top two, when there were hardly any good news circulating about her. And just recently there were reports that Mahek is head over heels in love with Salman.

And the list of coincidences don’t end here. In fact, such reports are also circulating in the media that the ring Danish Khan, Mahek’s alleged boyfriend, has gone missing. We can’t understand that why both Salman and Mahek have to deny their relationship, when the world knows about it. We hope this is not a publicity stunt, we have had enough of those cheap stunts.

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