Will Kashmira Shah Live Up To Her “Superstar” Claims?

Mumbai: And Kashmira Shah is back again, and boy she is back with a bang!! This time she is doing a commercial play, “Tere Ghar Ke Saamne”.  And she is sounding extremely confident about her ability to do a comical role. And the over confidence that we know Kashmira has always had, does always leave an iota of doubt about whether her over confidence and ability to be comical can actually compliment one another!!

The “Superstar” that she thinks she is, well one can only hope for the best! Alright to be fair, she has come a REALLY long way since her first film, and apart from all the criticism she has been entertaining. And most of her fans are expecting A LOT out of this play and well, I am sure they will be entertained, as she is playing herself in the play!!!! The premier of the play is being held at Sophia, Breach Candy in Mumbai on the 25th of March, and as South Mumbai is the place to be, the premier is going to have some hell of an audience!!!

Kasmira’s fans would love to see Krushna there, and the couple will be in their element, which as we know ‘they always are’!!  “Tere Ghar ke Saamne” will put Kashmira back into the bollywood gossip, and boy don’t we just love gossip.
So let us just “wait and watch”.

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