Kareena Kapoor’s So Called ‘Mujra’

After being under wraps for days on end, Agent Vinod is finally showing its cards one by one. First, the Bond style theatrical promo and now the Bollywood style mujra. One glimpse at it and you aren’t sure whether it’s a mujra or yet another bollywood masala dance. Be it the music or the dance nothing resembles an authentic mujra even remotely. Wonder why the Agent Vinod crew decided on calling it a mujra. Frankly, I found no resembles to a mujra except for the jewellery and maybe a few minutes of mistaken mujra. Have a look:


  1. Khanallaxmi94 says:

    kareena kupoor is my best actor i like it………

  2. Nasaralius says:

    good saif may be safe for or not cant say bhai ye koi sair jodi nahi hai at lease on screen any ways hope for better luck for AV