Karan Wahi Photos, Images and Wallpapers

A small screen actor, who has really been able to achieve great fame in a short time span, is Karan Wahi! Karan started it out in this industry when he was just 18. He first appeared in the Star One youth serial Remix. Gaining instant recognition from the audience for his brilliant talent, the actor then starred in a lot of successful ventures on the television.

Born on June 9th 1986 in Mohali, Karan was very clear with his direction in life. After appearing in Remix, he was not seen for a long time. He made his comeback with the Colors venture Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari. The show had a novel concept of delayed child birth, which was not well received by the audience. He then appeared in the famous Dill Mill Gayye, which made him a fan favourite. He has also appeared in the dancing reality show Mr. & Ms. TV with Purvi Joshi. He ended up as the losing finalist.

He then essayed the character of Ranbir in yet another appreciated serial, Baat Hamari Pakki Hai. He is currently playing the role of Rohan, who is shown to be a friend of the female protagonist Dr.Nidhi. The performance has won him a lot of accolades from the critics and audiences alike!


  1. Zara Khan says:

    Love u so much Karan. u r the best.

  2. Misha Krn Bhatti says:

    Love u Karan.u r superstar………..<3

  3. fatima arooj says:

    loveeeeeee u karan….ur rockstar….

  4. peeru yadav says:

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